Deck Packages

We've found that our clients like to see a range of possibilities along with the related investment. So, we've created four designs: three with a fixed investment (it does make decisions more understandable and a lot easier!) and a fourth for your totally customized Dream Deck.

You can add and modify each, and we'll work with you on the most effective cost modifications as well. Below are examples of each. Visualize which is a good fit for you and your situation right now.

The Classic

You don't have to own a McMansion to enjoy outdoor living.

Are you living in a townhouse, starter home, or condo?

The Classic series is designed so that you can enjoy comfortable outdoor living, regardless of the size of your current home. Starter homes should have starter decks!

The Classic is normally between 300 and 350 square feet with an attractive white vinyl railing. The Classic Plus can expand your deck living up to 450 square feet. Ask Ed or Rick about the possibilities!

The Classic: base pricing $6,000 - $8,500 | The Classic Plus: base pricing $12,000

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The Regal

For the family who wants space to enjoy a nice size BBQ, family table, and conversation area, The Regal “brings the outside inside.” With 500 sq. ft.+ of space The Regal also landscapes nicely and an awning can be added for all-weather outdoor enjoyment.

There is lots of room for growing families and terrific curb appeal as well. Depending upon the shape of your house and your preferences, additional alterations are almost limitless. The Regal comfortably accommodates 12-15 people and offers easy access to the garden or backyard. Think “tables, lounges, and easy access” inside and out.

The Regal: base pricing $9,000 - $15,000

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The Prestige

Many of our clients want to enjoy views from multiple locations in the home. Palatial and expansive describes the Prestige family of decks.

This is a magnificent compliment to a swimming pool or roomy outdoor setting and comfortably accommodates 25+ guests--ideal for small corporate and organizational events. Visualize 700+ square feet of deck with first-class AZEK plank, Superior rails, clipped corners, enclosed base, and a mud seat at the door!

The Prestige: base pricing $15,500 - $25,000

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The Dream Deck

Today, home owners collaborate with our design team to conjure up lavish decks of lifetime-guranteed materials that showcase built-in spas, barbecue cooking spaces, and wrap-around views. Dream Decks boast increasingly alluring spaces that feature well-lit dining areas, portable heat lamps, water features, and fire pits

Imagining a sunken kitchen, shaded pavilion, electronic awnings. . .? Everything is possible with a custom designed Dream Deck that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

The Dream Deck: priced to individual specifications

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